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Consultants drop out tenders for government institutions

Large consultants as Twynstra Gudde and Berenshot divide in halves the number of government assignments for which they subscribe. They don’t accept that the government exclusively select on price. Grote adviesbureaus als Twynstra Gudde en Berenschot halveren het aantal overheidsopdrachten waarvoor ze zich inschrijven. Ze accepteren niet dat de overheid uitsluitend selecteert op prijs. Dat … Continue reading

If even Mercedes will be offering ‘special offers’ …

What happened with the classic brand marketing? If even a brand as Mercedes-Benz will start with ‘special offers’ we should question ourselves if even the notion ‘brand value’ still makes sense. Admitted: it is for renomated brands not easy to stay in the market with the constant pressure of competition and the still higher expectations … Continue reading

Ryanair copies Colruyt

The Irish low-cost airline will pay back the double of the price difference when someone finds a cheaper ticket with another airline company. Ryanair starts a campaign that ends on the 10th of June where 10 million tickets will be issued at super low prices. The conditions associated with those tickets are very restrictive. De … Continue reading

Free (sponsored) postal service in the Netherlands

With the new free postal service in the Netherlands, consumers can send post up to 20 gram for free. The back of the enveloppe is used for advertisement. Optician Pearle sponsors the free postal service that starts the registrations of the consumers today. Also Profile De Fietsspecialist is sponsor. Nederlandse consumenten kunnen met een … Continue reading

Vomar introduces ‘interactive discount coupon’

Discount coupons are old-fashioned and reliable but are by a certain target market often used. Vomar introduces now the interactive discount coupon. To cash in your discount you have to make a picture of the coupon which can be found on TV, trucks and other places in the country. Once you’ve done that, you can … Continue reading

Free GoPass for young people that celebrate their 16th Birthday.

Young people that celebrate their 16th Birthday are receiving a free Go Pass (value: € 45 euros). The purpose is to stimulate young people to travel by public transport. Wie zestien wordt, krijgt in België voortaan een gratis Go Pass (waarde: 45 euro). Dat meldt staatssecretaris voor Overheidsbedrijven Bruno Tuybens (sp.a). Bedoeling is de jongeren … Continue reading

Belgian consumers want to pay up to 10% more for fairtrade products

Belgian consumers are positive against fairtrade products, but choose often for other products because fairtrade products are expensive and are sometimes not credible. People that are older and highly educated are the biggest consumers of fairtrade products, so is the conclusion of the research executed by professor Patrick de Pelsmacker. Belgische consumenten staan positief tegenover … Continue reading

Belgian supermarkt chains are risking super fines for mutual price agreements

If the supermarket chains are guilty for mutual price agreements, they risk fines that can run up to 10 % of their revenue. The total amount can run up to a few hundred of million euros or even a few billion euros. Indien de warenhuisketens zich hebben schuldig gemaakt aan prijsafspraken, riskeren ze boetes die … Continue reading

Beer cartel in the Netherlands: The hotel and catering industry wants immediately lower purchase prices.

‘Koninklijk Horeca Nederland’ has a million claim in preparation to undamage entrepreneurs. The organization reacts by this on the fine that the Eurocommissioner Kroes handed out to the brewers Heineken, Bavaria and Grolsch. The fines enforced by the European Commission, confirms that entrepreneurs paid to much in the past. Koninklijk Horeca Nederland heeft een miljoenenclaim … Continue reading

Dutch beer cartel fined and furious!

The Dutch beer brewers Heineken, Grolsch and Bavaria, that received a huge fine enforced by the European Commission, are furious about the Belgian giant Inbev. The Belgian-Brazilian beer group revealed necessary information to start the investigation of a Dutch beer cartel in 2000. For that information, Eurocommissioner Kroes remits the fine for Inbev, €84 million. … Continue reading