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Electrabel blunders with poor communication about the high price increase

Last week, at the end of the week, it became known that the market leader Electrabel will increase the price of gas by 13 % to 20 % as of September 2007, for private persons and companies. The price of electricity will increase by 5 % for companies. Against the decision of the energy giant … Continue reading

Customer is willing to pay more for triple play

The Dutch consumer is increasingly more willing to pay for the advantages of an integrated offer of telephony, internet and television. These triple play services are rated high in terms of comfort and price, but deter because of their complexity and the bad service. De Nederlandse consument staat in toenemende mate open voor de voordelen … Continue reading

Not all free daily papers survive…

The free German business newspaper ‘Business News’ will be published for the last time this week. The daily free newspaper lasted less than 1 year and is following the free newspaper ‘Sportzeitung’, that ceased being published one month ago. ‘Business News’ was published by the German business paper Handelsblatt. De gratis Duitse zakenkrant Business News … Continue reading

Price pressure for daily papers because of new players

The pressure on advertisement rates in the daily paper market in the Netherlands is during the last months considerably increasing. Cause: the market became much more competitive with the coming of the new free papers ‘De Pers’ and ‘Dag’. De druk op de advertentietarieven in de dagbaldmarkt groeit de laatste maanden fors. Oorzake: de markt … Continue reading

Yahoo releases new ad pricing structure

Yahoo trotted out a new pricing structure this week and the motto is quality, over quantity. Advertisers will pay Yahoo based on the quality of their distribution partners’ Web sites where their ads appear, rather than a one-size fits all rate for traffic, according to a Yahoo blog posting. “As part of the evolution of … Continue reading

Price of tomatoes under pressure

In the Netherlands there are too many tomato varieties on the market. According to Mr. Van Dijk, the chairman of the cooperation Fresq (second largest cooperation in the Benelux after The Greenery), there have been too many experiments with varieties such as honey tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and tiger tomatoes. The consumer is not waiting for … Continue reading

Europe brings an end to deceiving flight prices

The European ministers of traffic are close to an agreement that forces airplane companies to transparency in ticket rates. Flying for € 1,00 will be over, from now on companies will only be allowed to state the rate that includes all extra charges. De Europese ministers van Verkeer staan dicht bij een akkoord dat vliegtuigmaatschappijen … Continue reading

Colruyt places price comparisions its receipts

From now on Colruyt will place on its receipts price comparisions with competitors Carrefour and Delheize. With this Colruyt tries to reestablish the attention on the price and not so much on promotions, fidelity cards, … . Colruyt zet op zijn kastickets voortaan ook de prijsverschillen met concurrenten Carrefour en Delhaize. Jean-Pierre Roelandts, commercieel directeur … Continue reading

Competition of Ryanair is supressing their ticket rates

Ryanair, the largest price fighter in European aviation had a year of record. Profit and revenue increased by 1/3 ! Besides Ryanair profited from an increase of 7% in ticket rates, surcharges to check-in with priority and luggage handling were the main reasons of the average rate increase. But this year prices are under pressure. … Continue reading

KLM surcharges for chair near the emergency exit

KLM will expirement the willingness to pay more by the consumer to have a chair near the emergency exit. A passenger who wants to sit on that chair, will be charged an extra of € 50. KLM laat passagiers voortaan bij wijze van proef extra betalen voor een stoel bij de nooduitgang, die meer beenruimte … Continue reading