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No more longterm contracts with Distrigas

The European Commission closed her investigation in the potential misuse of the dominant market position of the Belgian gas distributor Distrigas. In exchange to close the investigation Distrigas promised to diminish the long term contracts for large buyers. De Europese Commissie heeft haar onderzoek naar een mogelijk misbruik van een dominante marktpositie door de Belgische … Continue reading

More gains for retailers by ifluencing the price perception

Despite the euro and the increase of price comparisons the entrepreneur can earn a lot of money by smart pricing. Who seems cheap or who emotionally influences the prices keeps the gains interesting. Ondanks de invoering van de euro en de opmars van prijsvergelijkers kan een ondernemer door slim te prijzen nog altijd meer verdienen. … Continue reading

Again a price increase for natural gas in Belgium

Natural gas will increase in price, this price increase can run up to 250 euros! The natural gas invoice will as of next year for some families increase with almost 250 euros. This is confirmed by Tom Vanden Borre of the federal regulator CREG. “Test-Aankoop” criticises this increase and says it becomes unbearable for the … Continue reading

Dutchmen and price perception…

In the Netherlands, the retailers do not work often with their prices and their price image in a strategical manner, says Marc van der Goot, partner at OC&C. The Dutch consumer has a wrong view of the factual prices. The price perception in countries such as Germany, the U.K. and France is much better. This … Continue reading

Chains of shops not always good in price perception

Mediamarkt is a well-known example. They work hard on their price image, in every communication they do. Mediamarkt has large shops, very strong offers and commercials and advertise with low price as the main message. Mediamarkt will be able to keep this strategy for a long time, but the price perception will be closer to … Continue reading

Ryanair accuses Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss air of price agreements

Ryanair deposed a complaint at the European Commission against Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss. Ryanair suspects them of making price agreements. On September 25th the 4 companies increased their kerosene surcharge by 5 euro, this in a time frame of 6 hours. Ryanair heeft bij de Europese Commissie klacht ingediend tegen Air France-KLM, Lufthansa en … Continue reading

Substantial price increase by Aldi

Aldi will substantially increase its price. Aldi announced the price increase for food products in Germany and the Netherlands. The Belgian branches will probably follow the same path. Colruyt doesn’t exclude a price increase of 30%. The price increase is due to the increase of raw materials such as cereals, dairy and oils & fats … Continue reading

Price differences on Colruyt receipts

As of now customers of Colruyt will see 4 percentages on their receipt: those are the price differences with the local Carrefour and Delheize for two price baskets. One basket will represent the prices of the national brands, and one basket will have the national brands plus the prices of the cheapest brands of the … Continue reading

iPod Nano the most expensive in Brazil

When a brazilian wants to buy an iPod Nano he needs to pay almost 396, 61 dollar. In the U.S. or HongKong you pay only 149 and 148,12 dollar for the same iPod Nano. Commsec, an Australian based company compared the price of an iPod Nano 4 GB in 55 countries around the world. After … Continue reading