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Banca Monte Pachi Belgio launches a rechargeable pay card

The Italian Banca Monte Pachi Belgio (BMPS) will launch in Belgium a rechargeable pay card. The card looks like a normal pay- or credit card and can be recharged for a maximum of € 5.000. BMPS aims for a young public that is nowadays often not able to have credit cards. The card can only … Continue reading

RB member on pricing @ BankingWorld 2008

Frank Frohmann, ePP reference board member, will speak at the BankingWorld 2008 conference. Frank will talk about how to effectively communicate your prices, he will support his presentation with some business case examples. During his presentation he will point out: The main elements of pricing The pillars of successful communication Examples of winners and losers … Continue reading

Canon’s price increase after European harmonization

Since January 1st, the japanese will set for all EU countries the same prices and discounts. The retailers are happy that their supplier has transparent an equal prices for all. But they have to increase their efforts to receive the offered discounts and allowances. Retailers receive the discounts if they buy in a manner that … Continue reading

New low-price ‘compact’ PS2 to arrive in 2008

Redesigned model boasts built-in power supply; 25 per cent price drop likely. Thought PlayStation 2 hardware sales were going to quietly disappear after the revenue frenzy of Christmas? Think again – Sony is preparing to introduce a new, cut-price model of the console in early 2008. This ‘compact’ PS2 will hit the US at just … Continue reading

Food companies are unreasonably increasing prices

Some food companies are using the opportunity, the increased prices of raw materials, to increase their prices more than necessary. That turns out to be the conclusion of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. One third of the food producers says that the price increases is too high compared to the price increase of raw … Continue reading

Online building suppliers are on the watch…

Also buildingmarkets are experiencing competition of their ‘internet-doubles’. So is the according to the consumer union 20% cheaper than the buildingmarkets. The virtual market says being able to deliver products very cheap because their stock, the expensive accomodation and the expensive marketingcampaigns are not necessary and their energycosts are very low. Brands like Makita, … Continue reading

Are do-it-yourselfer not price conscious…?

Do-it-yourselfers are the most important customers of the building market. However their expenditures are not increasing, that is the conclusion of the Fediyama consumer study 2007. The budget is not seen as a barrier; 60% of the respondents is able to finance its expenditures, and 36% is even exceeding the foreseen budget. Only 29,30% is … Continue reading

Online newspapers are looking for a paying model

Newspapers are experimenting with online businessmodels. The most important news is mostly available for free, but to access other content customer must pay. But even if customers pay for certain content there is no guarantee of higher income, because the gains in advertising decrease with this. Kranten experimenteren nog volop met online businessmodellen. De belangrijkste … Continue reading

Banking companies increase their rates up to 35%!

Having a checking account with two bankcards will be for about 1/3rd more expensive at Fortis, at Dexia the customer can expect a price increase of 1/4th. The so called ‘Easy Pack’ of Fortis costs as of the 1st of January 37,20 euros, the current price is 27,60 euros. This is an increase of 35%. … Continue reading