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Carlsberg Will Sell $400 Beer, World’s Most Expensive

Carlsberg ads say it’s ” probably the best beer in the world.” At $400 a bottle, it’s now the most expensive. The brewer, Scandinavia’s biggest, introduced a beer today that costs 2,008 Danish kroner ($396.47), the price being based on the year of its introduction. The Vintage No. 1 brew will be sold at three … Continue reading

Creative Price Model for Concert the Police

In the U.S. organisers of musicevents are experimenting with a new pricing model. All seats are sold at 100 dollar, except for the best places near the stage. These are sold through auctioning. During a test with the Police, the tickets were sold for 800 dollar. In de VS wordt momenteel door organisatoren van muziekevents … Continue reading

Auto Insurance by the mile

Back in 2005, we covered Norwich Union’s Pay-as-You-Drive program in the UK to charge consumers for auto insurance based on how often, when and where they use their vehicles. Starting in Texas, the United States will soon see a similar service for the first time thanks to MileMeter’s “auto insurance buy the mile.” Like Norwich … Continue reading

Expected bankruptcy for Liberty TV

The Dutch homeshopping canals are not doing well. After the problems with Tel Sell and LiveShop it is expected that Liberty TV will be bankrupt. Tour Press is annoucing this after a conversation with director and initiator Jacob Verschuur. Het gaat (nog?) niet goed met homeshopping kanalen via de Nederlandse televisie. Na de problemen met … Continue reading

No action of the European Commission against Apple for exclusive contracts with telecomoperators

The European Commission will not take any action against the exclusive contracts between Apple and telecomoperators for dealing the iPhone. The right of establishing exclusive contracts between Apple and telecomoperators must be judged on national level. De Europese Commissie onderneemt voorlopig geen actie tegen de exclusieve deals tussen Apple en telecomoperatoren voor de verdeling van … Continue reading

We prefer wine when the wine is more expensive

The more expensive you make the same bottle of wine, the better the wine is do people think. That is a conclusion of a British research. For the English test 20 people had to drink Cabernet Sauvignon. The only information they received was the price of the bottle. And the outcome was: if the same … Continue reading

Delhaize lowers the price of 500 national brand products

Delhaize lowers the price of more than 500 national brand products. In this manner the retailer wants to strengthen its price positioning. The price decrease will be carried out in the supermarkets of Delhaize, AD Delhaize, City Delhaize, Proxy Delhaize and Shop’n Go of the Delhaize group in Belgium. These prices are defined with the … Continue reading

Agricultural products will continue to increase in price

The price of agricultural products will continue to increase according to an expert in 2008. While the foodindex of the FAO increased by 40% in 2007, the analist Joe Victor foresees that this trend will at least continue until april 2008. Then there will be more clarity about the new harvests. De prijs van landbouwproducten … Continue reading

Why Apple changed its tune in Europe

The news this morning that the European Commission has dropped its unfair pricing case against Apple (AAPL) raises the question about how the company got into this mess in the first place. The issue stems from a basic discrepancy: British customers have been paying 79 pence per song on iTunes (about $1.63 in today’s currency … Continue reading

Again price increase of KLM for the fuel surcharge

KLM increases the fuel surcharge for flights in Europe with € 2,00. On all intercontinental flights the prices are increased by € 8,00. That is the reaction of KLM against the strongly increased fuelprices. The increase of the surcharge is valid for KLM tickets bought in the Netherlands. As of 11 January the fuelsurcharge for … Continue reading