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More then 5000 Belgians are making use of carsharing!

Six years after the experiment has started are more then 5000 Belgians carsharing. This is mainly happening in the bigger cities where the citizens do not have the capacity of a carparking or do not have the budget available to maintain their own car. Today, Cambio has more then 190 cars available at more then … Continue reading

Prepaidcard for luxury hotels

It is a tool that you would rather associate with inexpensive cheap mobile calls. However, using such a kind of card, for example the ‘Goldstar Premier Card’ can save adequate amounts in trendy boutique hotels. The card is an initiative of the goldstar hotel in Nice. Whoever buys such a card gets spoiled at a … Continue reading

Price transparency for grocery stores

One of the big advantages supermarkets have long had over consumers lies in the sheer number of products they offer—with some priced higher and others priced lower than the competition, it’s near impossible to say that one store offers consistently better (or worse) deals every time. Well, supermarkets, those protected days may be drawing to … Continue reading

Consumer stays insensitive regards to coffee promotion.

Consumers stays insensitive for coffee promotions. As for Belgian and Dutch customers the utmost buying decision depends on the brand followed by the price. Thirdly, the consumer pays attention to the promotion. The most impact-full promotion is adding an extra volume to the product. This research was done by the market research office Insites Consulting. … Continue reading

Discount percentage

Always add a minus sign in front of a discount percentage. The minus sign always attract the attention of the reader. He knows immediatly that there is business to perform. Zet altijd een minteken voor een kortingspercentage De Boonenkoorts slaat weer in volle hevigheid toe. Nu ook bij de kledingwinkels van Concept Fashion Store: “40% … Continue reading