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Not all prices increase as fast.

A study into the highest increased prices are showing some surprising results. Inflation can be felt mainly at the petrol station. Nevertheless, fuel is on the tenth place in top-10 of the largest price increases. The study has been retrieved from the national institute for statistics (NIS) that compared the consumer prices of June 2007 … Continue reading

Tank tomorrow on the prices of today!

You can save a lot by using pre-paid cards at the petrol station. It already excist in America. The American company MyGallons proposes motorists in own country pre-paid card to purchase, coupled to a fixed price by a litre petrol. On this way, you avoid the fluctuation of the oil prices. In fact you buy … Continue reading

Sales price is rarely the reason for failed deals.

sales coach Jaap Bron warns salesmen not to argue concerning the sales price. He did research into the reasons why certain sales deals jump off. In most of the cases it was not due to the high prices. It concerns other bases. It includes factors such as: customers are not getting enough attention, salesmen do … Continue reading