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Performance based advertising successful

Performance based advertising successful
IAB Netherlands recently reported a slight decline in the expenditures for online advertising. This decline isn’t linked to the performances of performance based marketing, so say five providers. Daisycon, M4N, Testnet, Scoot Media and the Online Marketing Group (OMG), in their own wordt the five biggest providers of performance based marketing in the Netherlands, booked a growing percentage of 40 to 100 percent in the last quarter of 2008.

Performance based adverteren succesvol

IAB Nederland rapporteerde onlangs een lichte daling van de uitgaven aan online advertising. Aan de prestaties van performance based marketing heeft het niet gelegen, hebben vijf aanbieders gezamenlijk laten weten. Daisycon, M4N, Testnet, Scoot Media en de Online Marketing Group (OMG), naar eigen zeggen de vijf grootste aanbieders van performance based marketing in Nederland, boekten in het laatste kwartaal van 2008 groeipercentages van 40 tot 100 procent.

Source: Twinkle Magazine NL



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