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Heineken raises beer prices to make up for falling demand

Heineken today said it was expecting beer consumption to fall in many parts of the world but will look to increase prices. The company, owner of Scottish and Newcastle breweries, suffered last year as people cut down on beer drinking in the recession but pushed through price increases. “The global economic environment will continue to … Continue reading

European Pricing Platform announces partnership with ACCEVAL

Lendelede, February 15, 2010 – The European pricing Platform (ePP), serves as the first ‘Not-for-profit’ network for cross-industrial pricing decision makers in Europe. Through various on- and off-line media, ePP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting in successful definition and implementation of Strategic Pricing. … Continue reading

Judge: Touroperator may put pricing conditions’.

Vacansoleil heeft een korting geding gewonnen van twee reisbureaus die samenwerken met, tot voor kort bekend als Uit de uitspraak volgt dat een kleine touroperator zoals Vacansoleil voorwaarden mag stellen aan reisbureaus die zijn reizen verkopen. Het kort geding was aangespannen door GoodBookers in Castricum en Vemde Travel, omdat Vacansoleil hen verbood reizen … Continue reading