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Succes factors in pricing – Reaching the next level

Pricing is one of the key success factors to increase profitability. Therefore it is crucial for managers to know, which elements of the pricing process have the highest impact on the overall success of the company. Knowing the key success factors in pricing enables every company to improve their pricing process in a well-directed and … Continue reading

European Pricing Platform announces new partnership with SPMG

Lendelede, April 30, 2010 – The European Pricing Platform (ePP), serves as the first ‘Not for Profit’ network for cross-industrial pricing decision makers in Europe. Through various on-and offline media, ePP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting in successful definition and implementation of Strategic … Continue reading

Check the right Price in the B2B Market

Current research has shown that there is a new pricestrategy rising in the B2B market. Setting the highest price possible is the most executed strategy for the moment. A strategy that doens’t seem effective at all. Value Based Pricing has been a popular instrument in the B2B market for quiet some time. It is a … Continue reading

Understanding The Willingness To Pay: The Key To Higher Margins ….

Understanding the value perception of the different value components for setting prices interpreted by the customer is very important information. Comprehending of this information leads without a doubt to many new insights into the willingness to pay. Firstly, the main value components on which a customer evaluates a product or service needs to be traced. … Continue reading

Dynamic admission prices prevent extreme busy days

Hours in the queue for the rollercoaster or an other wild ride? Who doesn’t know about it? Especially in the summer day-trippers storm to theme parks to eventually wait a really long time in the line to experience a ride. To avoide these extreme busy day, theme park Slagharen (the Netherlands) introduces flexible admission prices. … Continue reading