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The European Pricing Platform is pleased to announce that they have added Navetti AB as a new Expert Partner

The European pricing Platform (ePP) is pleased to announce that they have added Navetti AB, a global expert on pricing know-how and pricing software solutions, as a new Expert Partner. Our new partner will be an exhibitor, and sponsor of upcoming ePP events throughout Europe. Navetti will offer ePP participants with experience from true customer … Continue reading

When Advisors Add Value, Pricing Power Follows

As the expression goes, when you settle for less than what you’re worth, you get less than what you settled for. Yet there’s reluctance among many financial advisors to raise their prices for the services they offer, particularly after the 2008 crash damaged so many portfolios. Asset-based fees dominate the industry’s revenue stream, accounting for 85 … Continue reading

Disney pricing strategy: Seeking more profits out of long-term visitors

Six years after Walt Disney World radically redesigned its ticket prices to steer guests toward longer stays, the resort is now aiming to wring more money out of passes once priced as irresistibly cheap. During the past 10 months, the giant resort has begun increasing the premium it charges for longer ticket options — its five-, six- … Continue reading