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The European Pricing Platform is pleased to announce that they have added Navetti AB as a new Expert Partner

The European pricing Platform (ePP) is pleased to
announce that they have added Navetti AB, a global expert on pricing know-how and pricing software solutions, as a new Expert Partner. Our new partner will
be an exhibitor, and sponsor of upcoming ePP events throughout Europe.
Navetti will offer ePP participants with experience
from true customer cases where participants will recognize its own situation
and understand the value of implementing a global pricing strategy. Navetti has
a strong track record of successful implementations of value based and market
driven pricing strategies, methods and processes all supported in the Navetti
PricePoint™. The main objectives from previous implementation projects have
Improved price
Improved customer trust
all supported in Navetti PricePoint™ to secure
“International companies have recognized
the importance of implementing a global pricing strategy to secure profit
optimization and manage all aspects of the price waterfall in a global
business.” said ‘Andreas Westling, Senior Partner, Navetti AB.
“Partnering with ePP puts us in a position to reach a
wider audience and provide guidelines to international manufacturing companies
on the journey to pricing excellence.”
Navetti is an industry-leading pricing software
supplier toward the manufacturing industry. Navetti offers both management
consultancy services and license its own developed software solution Navetti
“Navetti has been carefully selected to join our group
of pricing experts worldwide because of their proven track record, experience,
and pricing knowledge,” said Pol Vanaerde, ePP president. “We are pleased to
have Navetti included on our expert list, and look forward to working closely
with them to better serve our participants.”
ePP serves as the first ‘Not-for-profit’ network for
cross-industrial pricing decision makers in Europe. Through various on- and
offline media, ePP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices,
effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting
in successful definition and implementation of Strategic Pricing.
About Navetti
Navetti has received recognition for its domain expertise
in the field of pricing for international manufacturing companies, where price optimisation
between markets and product families are critical.  Navetti has over the years developed a solid
value and- market driven based pricing methodology, that has delivered
increased profit and pricing quality to its clients.  The methodology in combination with Navetti
PricePoint™, has clearly increased profit, customer trust and sustainability.
About European Pricing Platform
The ePP offers your company to have the right pricing
tactics in place to guarantee customer loyalty and deliver sustained margin
growth to your business. Enhance your pricing know-how and be successful in it
by joining this dynamic and yet resourceful pricing platform.

Source: Britt Dejager – European Pricing Platform & Andreas Westling – Navetti AB


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