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The European Pricing Platform is proud to announce launch of new portal site

The European Pricing
Platform (EPP) redesigned its portal site,,
as a vital communication tool for its participants and for the pricing
community as a whole. After several months of hard working on a new website,
EPP has created a faster, more powerful and more efficient site than ever
before. This website has been developed to help our participants maximize the
benefits of their participation. This decision resulted in an improved website
which offers a fresh new look. Participants are now able to join discussions
with their pricing peers and it will give you easier access to downloads,
documentation, and additional information concerning relevant pricing
&profit optimization know-how.
President Pol Vanaerde says, “An improved portal site was necessary because our
participants must be up to date with the latest pricing news and they must have
the ability to join discussions and learn from their pricing peers.”
Information on pricing research has never been more vital to remain competitive
in a volatile market.
the EPP is a not-for-profit platform devoted to be the knowledge sharing
platform for pricing and profit optimization management in Europe.
The new portal site of EPP reflects
its vision of participant centered.
EPP President Pol Vanaerde further says: “The launch
of our new portal site marks a new direction for EPP – one that will reinforce
our position as a rich source of information for our participants and partners
within”. Our participants and their needs are vital to us and this portal site
reflects our commitment to keeping our participants with current information
that can also support their organization and their goals.”
For more
information contact, Joyce Verfaillie, Marketing Coordinator:


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