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Supermarkets pitch increasingly on volume discounts

The Belgian supermarkets
have conducted 1,5% less promotion campaigns the past half year, this was
researched by the Dutch market research agency PCNData. There are great
differences among the distributors. Although,one kind of “reduction”  is very much on the rise: the amount of “volume
discounts” has increased with over a quarter. There is a clear strategy behind
this, as it appears.

Practically all the
chain stores have reduced the amount of reductions in comparison with the same
term last year. But a notable exception is the “volume discount”, which has
risen with 26%. “A lot of brand manufacturers use this type of campaigns to
maintain the volumes and the market shares and to keep their factories going,
certainly in times of crisis”, explains Ruben Boas of PCNData.

According to Mario
Pandelaere, professor marketing (UGent), this is only half-truth: “It is proven
that who buys larger
purveyance, uses larger amounts and needs
to return to the store quicker. Volume
discounts crank up the consumption
This summary was adapted from the following artcile:


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