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Several times per year, Nicole Huyghe, founder and CEO of Solutions-2, teaches participants to our EPP Advanced Pricing Toolbox training all the ins and outs of pricing research techniques.  She enriches the training with real-life cases and examples from her 17 years of cross-industrial experience to illustrate the finer details of each method. On Thursday … Continue reading

Price Intelligently (Guest post Erik Grueter)

We are pleased to welcome Erik Grueter today as guest blogger on the European Pricing Blog. Enjoy his post on the science of supercharging your profits by means of a well-crafted value based pricing strategy.  Have a look at their blog at for some more excellent pricing content.  Supercharge Profits with a Value Based … Continue reading

Proudly annoucing the Pricing Maturity Assessment

Maybe you’ve already read about it on our Twitter our LinkedIn Company Profile in the past few weeks: the first Pricing Maturity Assessment is coming! In the days to come, you will get the opportunity to meet a total new way to optimize your pricing. The European Pricing Platform, in coorperation with Pros Pricing, has … Continue reading