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If Aftermarket profit averages 50% of total profit, why do we pay so little attention to pricing?

In preparation for this year’s EPP Aftermarket Forum, I’ve been speaking to a number people in my network – they confirm that aftermarket departments can be responsible for a significant part of their profit contributions, some more than 50% of the total profit! You’ll agree that this seems disproportionately high if we consider how little … Continue reading

Pricing impact management hits boardroom

Failing to keep up with a rising interest in pricing strategy will leave manufacturers sidelined as commoditised suppliers with eroding margins says Niels Skov, managing director, Europe at revenue management solutions provider Model N.     In today’s manufacturing businesses, optimising supply chain and production processes are recognised as strategic issues which for some time … Continue reading

Get Ready for the New Era of Global Manufacturing

The global manufacturing sector is on the threshold of a dynamic new phase that will provide renewed opportunity for manufacturing firms — and a host of new challenges. Incumbents who can rise to the challenge — and upstarts who may find lower barriers to entry — could do very well, indeed. What has changed to … Continue reading