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European Pricing Platform Hosted its 1st Pricing and Profit Optimization forum for the Chemical Industry.

The European Pricing Platform (EPP) together with PROS as the premium sponsor held their 1st Pricing and Profit Optimization Forum on chemicals for chemical market leading Pricing Practitioners. This forum, which was held at Stockholm, brought pricing practitioners, industrial leaders and innovators together to discuss the latest developments in the pricing and profit optimization area. During … Continue reading

Innovation and pricing seen as most important in the Chemical industry today!

Innovation and pricing seen as most important in the Chemical industry today! The chemical industry in Europe is facing various economic problems: long life-cycles result in margin decays, Asian competitors bring heavy price-pressure into the market and costs saving measures seem to be exhausted. However, various methods and possibilities still do exist in order to … Continue reading

Raise your Prices!

By now, we’re all aware of the slash-your-prices scenario many companies take as a given these days: Your customers demand more and have online access to product comparisons from multiple sellers; you face global competition from rivals that have labor-cost advantages; and the financial crisis has accelerated the commoditization of more and more markets. The … Continue reading