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No complaint against KPN and Vodafone for ‘Smart Pricing’

SRM decided not to fail a complaint against KPN and Vodafone. This is wat Adformatie tells. The education institution was of  the opinion that the providers neglected to inform their customers about charging their phone calls by the minute instead of per second. Within 24 hours that KPN and Vodafone heared about the threatening complaint, … Continue reading

Smart Pricing: lawsuit against KPN and Vodafone

The trademark company SRM gets into combat with telecom operators KPN and Vodafone. Both companies would mislead their customers about calling credits they apply. Last Thursday, the company challenged KPN to court and  filed complaints with the Advertising Code Committee. The core of the complaint is that the providers don’t let their cusomters pay per second … Continue reading

Verizon Trying to Leverage iPad and Testing New Pricing Strategies

On Wednesday, Verizon demonstrated the power of the app, announcing plans to make it generally available by next year. If this happens, the carrier’s FiOS TV service will be available on the iPad, making the TV experience as mobile as the tablet device from Apple. According to a Daily Tech piece highlighted that the biggest … Continue reading

Romtelecom changes Pricing Strategy

The Romanian incumbent telco Romtelecom has introduced differential pricing for fixed line internet services in order compete more effectively with its main rivals UPC and RCS/RDS. According to ZF, the company has abandoned its policy of charging everyone the same, regardless of local context. As a result, some clients will pay €3.50 a month for … Continue reading

BT goes on broadband price offensive

BT outlined an aggressive pricing strategy for its new superfast broadband service yesterday in a move it hopes will enable it to poach rivals’ customers. Britain’s leading fixed-line telephone company said consumers would have to pay £20 per month for its high-speed broadband service based on optical fibre. The £20 offer is £8 cheaper than … Continue reading

Internet service providers want to get rid of Flat Fees

Many ISP’s in the U.S. complain about the fact that their flat-fee subscriptions no longer cover costs as a result of the intensive use by subscribers. The non-illegal downloading is being held responsible, so including video sites like YouTube and the various providers of catch-up TV (Broadcast Missed, iPlayer, etc.). The new bill, the Broadband … Continue reading

Belgacom combines fixed and mobile for 35 euro / month

Belgacom will offer evening and weekends calls both fixed and mobile calls for free. That informs the historical telecom operator in a press release. This will be a European premiere. Happy Time One, is a combined subscription of fixed and mobile phone, which offers the customer during evenings and weekends, free calls to all fixed … Continue reading

Proximus ‘ strangled ‘ competition

Mobile-operator Proximus (Belgacom) has abused many years’ its dominant position on the Belgian market. To this conclusion came the auditer of the EU at the Council of competition, after a complaint of competitor base (KPN). Base and Mobistar are claiming damages of € 1 billion. Between 2002 and 2005 Proximus have used` strangle prices’ to … Continue reading

Apple misjudge themselves on European Price settings

The disappointing European sales of Apple’s iPhone seem to ensure a strategic diversion. The American technology company would be prepared to give its share in the income from date movement up – that according to initiates can incur up to 30% -, in exchange of a system in which the smartphone for a lower, subsidised … Continue reading

No action of the European Commission against Apple for exclusive contracts with telecomoperators

The European Commission will not take any action against the exclusive contracts between Apple and telecomoperators for dealing the iPhone. The right of establishing exclusive contracts between Apple and telecomoperators must be judged on national level. De Europese Commissie onderneemt voorlopig geen actie tegen de exclusieve deals tussen Apple en telecomoperatoren voor de verdeling van … Continue reading