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Scrunch the pack, pump up the price

Calcutta, March 22: Soap, detergent, chocolate and biscuit makers are quietly jacking up prices — in a way that the consumer won’t catch on easily. They are crumpling pack sizes while retaining the maximum retail prices. The change in the packet size is so subtle that customers at supermarkets and neighbourhood groceries won’t realise that … Continue reading

Sandd can compete with the pricing battle.

Post Company ‘Sandd’ can join the price war that VSP Network and TNT Post have deployed. According to the new ceo of Sandd, Gert-Jan Morsink published in an article in ‘Document Manager’ the shareholders of the company Sandd having the opportunity to come along in the price battle. According to Morsink price will eventually affect … Continue reading

Microsoft rewards online shoppers with cash

The American technology company Microsoft has launched a service which financially rewards internet users when they buy products on the web, by using the search engine of Microsoft. It concerns a strategic move, which Microsoft must allow to gain surfers of their main competitor Google. The new service – provisionally only active in the US, … Continue reading

Price transparency for grocery stores

One of the big advantages supermarkets have long had over consumers lies in the sheer number of products they offer—with some priced higher and others priced lower than the competition, it’s near impossible to say that one store offers consistently better (or worse) deals every time. Well, supermarkets, those protected days may be drawing to … Continue reading

Delhaize lowers the price of 500 national brand products

Delhaize lowers the price of more than 500 national brand products. In this manner the retailer wants to strengthen its price positioning. The price decrease will be carried out in the supermarkets of Delhaize, AD Delhaize, City Delhaize, Proxy Delhaize and Shop’n Go of the Delhaize group in Belgium. These prices are defined with the … Continue reading

Be careful with discount pricing

Companies use discount pricing for many reasons: To stimulate short- term sales; to match a competitor’s price reductions; to get high-traffic display space at a major retailer. But before you slash your price, consider the impact this could have on customer loyalty. Wander down a supermarket soft drink aisle, and you’re likely to notice Coke … Continue reading

Fine for Leonidas in France

The Belgian bonbon producer Leonidas has to pay a € 120.000 fine for the violation of the free competition law. Leonidas forced the French retailers to buy the chocolate and bonbons from a specific distributor. This is a flagrant violoation to the free competition law. It was the French minister of Economics that asked for … Continue reading

Workshop – Psychology in Price Setting

The European Pricing Platform is organizing on the 27th of April 2007 the workshop Psychology in Price Setting Getting the price right is essential for each firm. The impact of product pricing on a firm’s net income is huge. But do we know how price and different price levels influence individual buyers in their purchase … Continue reading