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Thanks for your interest in writing for The EPP News Daily.

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What are we looking for ?

We try to ensure that all posts here convey quality, relevant pricing news, practical pricing advice or opinions. Of course a basic requirement is that no copyright laws are infringed in your post and that all relevant information (links etc.) are included. Feel free to propose a headline for your post. Please also provide us with a short bio about yourself which we can use as an intro.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

Topics that we enjoy exploring :

pricing strategy, price optimization, differentiated pricing, dynamic pricing, value-based pricing, psychology of pricing, value-selling, airline pricing, tendering, pricing in the aftermarket, spare parts pricing, leasing, creative pricing, pricing in the chemical industry, pricing in the healthcare sector, pricing research techniques, discount strategies, pricing for the manufacturing industry, pricing high-tech products, economic crisis, importance of pricing, pricing for med-tech, pay-what-you-want, price increases, price setting, price promotions, price trends, revenue models, pricing maturity, pricing for the travel industry, pricing for the entertainment industry, legal aspects of pricing, pricing software, bundling/unbundling as a strategy, retail pricing, pricing in the telecom industry, transfer pricing, …. the list is endless, as long as it is related to pricing and profit optimisation !

Guidelines for your submission :

  • Always keep in mind how our readers can benefit from your article.
  • Use practical cases or examples where possible when clarifying your points.
  • Offer fresh content that has not been published before.
  • Tell us briefly who you are, no sales pitches please.
  • Length: between 700 and 1500 words.
  • Suggest a title and some links for images that we can use in your article.
  • You are welcome to link to your blog or to your service/product, but if you are overly promotional, we will not publish your submission.


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