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6000 euros for a seat on the Airbus A380

6000 euros is the price for a seat on board during the first A380 flight ! Since yesterday you can buy on eBay seats for the first flight of the Airbus A380, today the highest offer is 8.159 dollar (almost 6.000 euro) for a seat in businessclass. In economyclass somebody wants to pay 5.000 dollar … Continue reading

Be careful with discount pricing

Companies use discount pricing for many reasons: To stimulate short- term sales; to match a competitor’s price reductions; to get high-traffic display space at a major retailer. But before you slash your price, consider the impact this could have on customer loyalty. Wander down a supermarket soft drink aisle, and you’re likely to notice Coke … Continue reading

Fine for Leonidas in France

The Belgian bonbon producer Leonidas has to pay a € 120.000 fine for the violation of the free competition law. Leonidas forced the French retailers to buy the chocolate and bonbons from a specific distributor. This is a flagrant violoation to the free competition law. It was the French minister of Economics that asked for … Continue reading