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100 dollar laptops has put the market upside down

The `100 dollar laptops `has changed the market for laptops serious. The magnificant design of it in combination with scale advantages makes it possible to produce derisionly-cheap laptops. The 100 dollars laptop are an initiative of Nicholas Negroponte, MIT-professor and founder of the nonprofit organisation One laptop by Child (OLPC). Although Negroponte already had planned … Continue reading

Europe wants identical prices for web purchases

A brit who purchases by means of the English site ‘Eurostar’ four return tickets (2 adults – 2 children) London – Paris, pays for that € 1,082. When booking by the French Internet site, then he pays scarcely € 600. If it is upon European parlement member Meglena Kuneva, there will become rapidly an end … Continue reading

Also Sony made 2.13 billion euro loss on the PlayStation 3 (but is making gradually up for it)

Sony has made no less than 2.13 billion euro loss on its game console, the PlayStation 3. The reason for this is that Sony sold it under the production price. That is a normal practice in the game industry, where the producers make especially profit on the games. Sony has spend especially much on research, … Continue reading

iTunes price model written off

Bob Pitmann made 27 years ago music video’s for free. That happened when he established MTV. Today, he thinks also that iTunes and similar music libraries their days are counted. `Artists must use their music to build a certain brand, so that money can be earned on concerts and merchandising. Perhaps they must find a … Continue reading

Scapa Sports in dispute with Makro

The Antwerp clothing company Scapa Sports, manufacturer of luxurious leisure clothes, is not very pleased that their products are exhibit against lower prices in Makro-shops. The clothing company indicates thereby that Makro is not a customer. A Spanish distributor had send orders to Makro-shops which were intended for shops in Spain. A spokesman of Scapa … Continue reading

Fedis wants to end the prohibition on cross-belt sale

Fedis, the organisation which represents the interests of the distribution ventures in our country, claims on the evening of the super council of ministers for an ending of the prohibition on cross-belt sale. According to the present law on the trade practices cross-belt sale has been prohibited. That means that products or services cannot be … Continue reading

Microsoft rewards online shoppers with cash

The American technology company Microsoft has launched a service which financially rewards internet users when they buy products on the web, by using the search engine of Microsoft. It concerns a strategic move, which Microsoft must allow to gain surfers of their main competitor Google. The new service – provisionally only active in the US, … Continue reading