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BCC at the Frankfurt European Pricing Forum: the best pricing management practices

At a conference held in Frankfurt am Main between 29 and 30 September, 2008, BCC together with PROS Revenue Management presented the opportunities for pricing optimization using IT tools integrated with SAP. The European Pricing Forum 2008 is the year’s most comprehensive event dedicated to pricing & revenue optimization excellence. The organizers of the conference … Continue reading

Radiohead obtains a record sale thanks to its innovative pricing concept

A year ago the British band Radiohead offered their new album ‘In rainbows’ on the Internet. Fans could decide themselves how much they wanted to spend for the record. Many questions were asked with this kind of internet exploitation. Not everyone was convinced that an album which was firstly free offered on the internet would … Continue reading

" Online buying up to 38 % cheaper"

Buying Hightech products online are average 14 % cheaper than when buying in electronic shops. To this conclusion came the internet site ‘’ which compares prices and products. ‘’ compared the shop prices of forty hightech products in thirteen categories with prices of almost ninety web shops from Belgium, the Netherlands and France. ” We … Continue reading

Airport earns the majority of their incomes on their carpark.

From the moment of arrival at the airport, there are numberous of possibilities to acquire money of the travellers until they go onto the plane. The annual report 2007 of British Airways gives a good idea where this money is being spend. 150 millions passengers spend in 2007, nothing less than 616 millions euro on … Continue reading

EU wants to end the Belgian prohibition on cross-belt sales.

The European Commission wants that Belgium makes an end to the prohibition on cross-belt sales. Also, the sperperiode for the rebates must disappear. Because Belgium lingers about the implementation of these measures – after a first warning letter in 2007, – now an action procedure is being started because of the incomplete transposition of the … Continue reading