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Airport earns the majority of their incomes on their carpark.

From the moment of arrival at the airport, there are numberous of possibilities to acquire money of the travellers until they go onto the plane. The annual report 2007 of British Airways gives a good idea where this money is being spend. 150 millions passengers spend in 2007, nothing less than 616 millions euro on … Continue reading

Free GoPass for young people that celebrate their 16th Birthday.

Young people that celebrate their 16th Birthday are receiving a free Go Pass (value: € 45 euros). The purpose is to stimulate young people to travel by public transport. Wie zestien wordt, krijgt in België voortaan een gratis Go Pass (waarde: 45 euro). Dat meldt staatssecretaris voor Overheidsbedrijven Bruno Tuybens (sp.a). Bedoeling is de jongeren … Continue reading