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Consumer is irritated by baits

Consumers are mostly irritated by cheap offers that are not available in the shop. That is the conclusion of the Consumer Association. Consumenten ergeren zich het meest aan goedkope aanbiedingen die in de winkel niet verkrijgbaar zijn. Dat blijkt uit de reacties bij het meldpunt oneerlijke handelspraktijken van de Consumentenbond. In februari konden mensen aangeven … Continue reading

Pepsi copies Coca-Cola by increasing their prices…

Coca-cola was strongly criticized because of their price increase of € 0,36 for their new packaging. They tried to cover up the price increase by introducing a promotion where clients payed for 3 instead of 4. Half a year later after the change in pricing Coca-Cola announced that revenue increased. Quietly Pepsi does the same: … Continue reading

Campina: Supermarket’s home brands are to low

Saturday 17 March 2007 – ZALTBOMMEL (Belgium) – Campina will start discussions with the supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany about the price of dairy products and the supermarket’s home brands. Because of the high price distance between home brands and the manufacturer’s brands, the price of the home brands needs to increase by 4 … Continue reading

New Marketing Document

Marketing is a domain that is difficult to define in a few words. This file brings new information that is not available in study books: the basic principles, the newest trends and solutions to the latest issues. Very practical and to-the-point. Very interesting is the article ‘Pricing as a part of the strategy’. To read … Continue reading

Workshop – Effective Price Promotions

The European Pricing Platform is organizing on the 24th of April a workshop Effective Price Promotions. Do you know how to increase sales by 20% with the help of an effective price promotion? Are you choosing intentionally for a price-discount strategy or is the competition forcing you? Is your price promotion effective? And do you … Continue reading

Pricing, Ego and Emotion

Why do people sometimes set prices that are too high, and then stubbornly stick with them despite evidence from the marketplace that the price is indeed wrong? Neuroeconomics research tells us that financial decisions are often evaluated in a way that lets our emotions overrule rational financial analysis, and setting prices turns out to be … Continue reading

Price alternatives influence decision process

Out of different researches is known that the buying decision of the consumer is influenced by the price alternatives available on the point-of-sale. The result of one of the researches shows us that consumers change their price reference if a a more expensive alternative is added to a former assortment of two products. The cheapest … Continue reading