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Flexible ticket prices for musea, amusement parks and zoos

The online ticketservice Mr.Ticket introduces flexible ticketprices for musea, amusement parks and zoos. On calm days, tickets are sold much cheaper with help of the internet. In the U.S.A this system is in use already since quite some time, and out of research is shown that the occupancy increased, so revenue of the participating amusement … Continue reading

KPN lowers substantially prices for television products

Starting from august 2007 the prices of KPN’s television products will substantially be lowered. For ‘Digitenne’ the price decrease will be by 30%, because of this ‘Digitenne’ will only cost € 6,95 /month instead of € 9,95. As well ‘Interactieve TV’ (previously called ‘Mine TV’) will be cheaper in the future. The base pack of … Continue reading

Huge fine for Téléfonica

The European Commission enforced a mega fine of € 151,8 million to the Spanish telecomoperator Téléfonica for the serious abuse of the dominant position of Téléfonica. According to Stéphanie Anseeuw this fine can have consequences for the dominant players on the Belgian market, Belgacom and Telenet. De Europese Commissie heeft een megaboete van € 151,8 … Continue reading

A brands profit from the psychological smaller price distance because of the euro

Wertenbroch, Soman and Chattopadhyay are concluding out of a recent research, around the symbolism of absolute numbers in the price perception, a striking conclusion. Because of the introduction of the Euro the perceived price difference between A brands and house brands decreased. Because of this psychological effect A brands could increase the real price difference … Continue reading