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Big Data should deliver Big Performance

Our prime structural partner, PROS, is hosting the Big Data Event for Sales & Pricing Outperform Europe 2013 on 22nd & 23rd May at the Sofitel Europe in Brussels.  EPP Founder and President, Pol Vanaerde will share his passion and experience with us on 23 May, under the theme “The Art of Pricing : Price Perception” … Continue reading

Are you an EPP participant yet?

EPP participation signifies that you’re serious about your price management career and your professional development. It highlights your dedication to employers, colleagues and stakeholders. It also provides you with access to valuable know-who, know-what and know-how that helps you improve and advance in your career. You can further help develop and share pricing knowledge in … Continue reading

EPP is proud to launch the Pricing Maturity Indicator !

Why should you fill in the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator? This 2013 edition of the Pricing Maturity Indicator, realised with the support of Foundation Partner, PROS, is aimed at identifying the current status of your organisation’s pricing maturity, as well as the desired status. At the EPP, we have gathered a treasure of best practices … Continue reading

If Aftermarket profit averages 50% of total profit, why do we pay so little attention to pricing?

In preparation for this year’s EPP Aftermarket Forum, I’ve been speaking to a number people in my network – they confirm that aftermarket departments can be responsible for a significant part of their profit contributions, some more than 50% of the total profit! You’ll agree that this seems disproportionately high if we consider how little … Continue reading

Welcoming New EPP expert and technology partner : Eucon

On the 1st January, 2013, Eucon became an expert and technology partner of the European Pricing Platform (EPP). The European Pricing Platform (EPP) with its headquarters in Belgium was initiated in 2004 and has since developed to become the leading European knowledge base for optimising prices and profits for decision-makers, pricing managers and company directors. … Continue reading

News announcement from the European Pricing Platform

Brussels, London, January, 2013 Pricing capabilities AND maturity seen as key competitive advantage for High Tech in 2013! Pricing Capabilities and maturity are essential to securing additional revenue and margins in a challenging market; With market forecasts down organizations must become more react and proactively protect margins; C level decision makers must tackle pricing as … Continue reading

13 Predictions on pricing in Europe from Pol Vanaerde

Wondering what will happen on the European pricing front over the next 12 months ? Pol Vanaerde, President of EPP shares some of his predictions with us.   1. Dynamic pricing will be more actively used  Online retailers, theaters, operas,  leisure parks, cinemas but also in industrial markets, dynamic pricing, based on improved insights in segmentation, … Continue reading

Price Image (Guest Post: Florian Bauer, Vocatus AG)

People say of the market researcher’s profession that it’s terribly dry: ruled by analyses and statistics, fighting it out between levels of significance and correlation analyses. At Vocatus, Florian Bauer and his colleagues see it in a totally different way. Please enjoy his interesting blog post below about how price image can influence buying behaviour.  … Continue reading


Several times per year, Nicole Huyghe, founder and CEO of Solutions-2, teaches participants to our EPP Advanced Pricing Toolbox training all the ins and outs of pricing research techniques.  She enriches the training with real-life cases and examples from her 17 years of cross-industrial experience to illustrate the finer details of each method. On Thursday … Continue reading

Price Intelligently (Guest post Erik Grueter)

We are pleased to welcome Erik Grueter today as guest blogger on the European Pricing Blog. Enjoy his post on the science of supercharging your profits by means of a well-crafted value based pricing strategy.  Have a look at their blog at for some more excellent pricing content.  Supercharge Profits with a Value Based … Continue reading